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Max Supply 10T

Meet Soliton

Soliton, powered by the ERC-20 blockchain, is a dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to revolutionize digital transactions. Seamlessly integrating with Ethereum's established infrastructure, Soliton brings a new level of efficiency and accessibility to users worldwide. Through its innovative tokenomics and robust governance model, Soliton offers secure, cross-border transactions, decentralized finance solutions, and a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications. Leveraging the power of ERC-20, Soliton empowers users to take control of their financial future, fostering inclusivity, security, and innovation

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Why SOLITON Is the Premier Choice for Service Providers? Read our services and you will understand!


A social assistant that's flexible can accommodate your schedule and needs, makingSecurities issuance and transfer requires a known identity, but most chains are built for pseudonymity. Soliton uses a customer due diligence process to ensure all actors on the chain are verified and all transactions are authored by permissioned entities. .


Most market participants need their position and trades to remain confidential, but anyone can see holdings on general-purpose blockchains. Soliton has engineered a secure asset management protocol that enables confidential asset issuance and transfers.

Comprehensive Governance and Community Involvement:

SOLITON stands out due to its robust governance model, where token holders actively participate in decision-making. This level of inclusivity ensures that network upgrades, changes, and improvements are driven by a diverse range of perspectives. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies with centralized decision-making, SOLITON's decentralized governance fosters innovation and fairness.

Empowering Security Measures

SOLITON's innovative security measures, such as rewarding validators with newly minted tokens for network upkeep and transaction validation, demonstrate a commitment to network integrity. This approach fosters decentralization and resiliency against potential threats.

Seamless Cross-Chain Interoperability:

While many cryptocurrencies struggle with interoperability, SOLITON sets itself apart with its focus on cross-chain compatibility. Through mechanisms that allow SOLITON tokens to be utilized on other blockchain networks and vice versa, SOLITON enables seamless value transfer and collaboration across different ecosystems.

Pain & Solution

DeFi, Web 3.0 protocols and dApps are becoming more and more complex, while smart contracts are still inherently limited by design. This means that many DeFi and Web 3.0 projects still rely on centralized backend infrastructure, which is not ideal from security, liability and community perspectives.

Soliton roadmap

Soliton roadmap shows the path ahead, helps teams plan, and guides the delivery of the product.

Project Inception and Whitepaper Creation


Formulate the core ideas behind Soliton and draft a comprehensive whitepaper outlining the cryptocurrency's technology, use case, and long-term vision.

Team Building and Partnerships


Assemble a diverse and skilled team of developers, blockchain experts, designers, and marketers. Establish strategic partnerships with blockchain platforms, academic institutions, and industry influencers to foster collaboration and growth.

Proof-of-Concept Development


Develop a proof-of-concept version of the Soliton blockchain. Focus on achieving scalability, security, and consensus mechanisms.

Community Engagement and Token Pre-Sale.


Begin engaging with the broader cryptocurrency community through social media, forums, and online events. Conduct a token pre-sale to raise initial funds for further development.

Mainnet Launch and Token Distribution


Launch the Soliton mainnet with a secure and efficient consensus algorithm in place. Distribute SOLITON tokens to pre-sale participants and early adopters.

Decentralized Applications (DApps) Ecosystem


Encourage third-party developers to create DApps on the Soliton blockchain. Offer developer grants, resources, and technical support to foster a thriving DApp ecosystem.


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I've been in the crypto space for years, and discovering Soliton was a game-changer. The seamless cross-chain transactions and the ability to access a wide range of decentralized applications on a single platform are remarkable. Soliton has truly streamlined my crypto experience, and I'm excited to be part of a community that values innovation and security.

"As a small business owner, Soliton's decentralized finance solutions have been a game-changer for me. From quick and secure cross-border transactions to accessing lending and borrowing services, Soliton's DeFi ecosystem has simplified my financial operations. The predictable tokenomics and transparent governance give me confidence in its sustainability."

"Soliton's NFT marketplace is a dream come true for digital artists like me. The ability to tokenize and sell my artwork securely while retaining ownership rights is invaluable. It's a space where creativity meets blockchain, and I'm thrilled to be part of an ecosystem that truly values creators."

Frequently Asked questions

Hey there! Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ page for all the deets. Still not satisfied? Hit us up.

The Soliton token (SOLITON) lies at the core of the Soliton blockchain ecosystem, serving as the fundamental unit of value and participation within the network. Designed in alignment with the project's roadmap, the SOLITON token offers several key features: Integral to Ecosystem Utility: SOLITON tokens are the primary medium for value exchange within the Soliton network. They empower users to conduct efficient, secure, and cost-effective transactions, whether for cross-border transfers or microtransactions. Empowering Decentralized Governance: In harmony with the roadmap's vision, the SOLITON token plays a pivotal role in community engagement. SOLITON token holders actively participate in key decision-making processes through a decentralized governance model. Proposals for network upgrades, feature additions, and protocol changes are subject to voting by token holders, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to development. Boosting Network Security: As outlined in the roadmap, Soliton emphasizes the significance of network security and decentralization. SOLITON tokens serve as rewards for validators who validate transactions and maintain network integrity. Validators are pivotal in securing the network, and they receive newly minted SOLITON tokens and transaction fees as incentives for their contributions. Access to Decentralized Applications (DApps): Echoing the roadmap's emphasis on a thriving DApp ecosystem, SOLITON tokens facilitate interactions with a range of third-party DApps. These DApps encompass diverse sectors such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gaming, and more. SOLITON tokens grant users access to these applications, creating demand for the token.

All SolitonFuel transactions will incur a ≤1% transaction fee initially, paid by the sender, and transaction fees will always be in the range of 0-1%. SolitonFuel is designed for micro-transactions—millions of transactions at fractional values. SolitonFuel is divisible in fractional units. This is an enormous infrastructure to support and has never been done before. Soliton will charge a ≤1% fee on all transactions to support building and scaling this infrastructure. Soliton will look to decrease transaction fees, maintaining enough revenue to sustain the infrastructure services, after it has scaled enough to meet the expected demand and cost of servicing the infrastructure.

To start stake at , not that hard just click at the connect wallet connect your wallet, then scroll down to stake just add the amount you want to stake pay the gas fee and your ready to go!

We have got a lot of messages about high gas price, we done get the gas fee nither the wallet your using,Ethereum's high gas fees can often keep builders, traders, and users from completing the transactions that are important to them,

Gas is required of all users to carry out any function on the Ethereum network. This fee is necessary to prevent spamming of the network. Because there is limited space in each Ethereum block, the gas fee market is often used to prioritize which transactions will be included in the next block.